About Trina

Hi my name is Trina Dresden and I am your GoTo Girl. Professionally, I am a licensed attorney and real estate agent.  Over the last forty years, I have lived in ten different homes in Marin County from Novato, to San Anselmo to Sausalito.  I try to enjoy all that the County has to offer from the hiking and biking trails, to the parades, festivals and outdoor movie nights. Even though I have one boy in college, one in high school and one in middle school, I am still in the sandbox trenches with my five year old.  Allow me to share my experiences, lessons and stories with you.

What is my relationship to Amazon?  I have an affiliate relationship with Amazon. I get a special code, I add it to the product link so they know I sent you, and, at the end of the month, I get the pennies on your dollar.  Depending on how much you buy, Amazon commission varies between 7% and 8.5%. [If you put a selection in your shopping cart, and let 24 hours elapse, I get nothing.]  I receive a commission on everything you buy on Amazon, if you clicked to it through Gotogirl.me.  It doesn’t need to be anything that I recommended.  The referral is enough.  Thank you for your support!