Best way to take your kids to the San Francisco Giants game

Last year, my son Asher was going to sing the national anthem at the Giants game with his 8th grade class.   This is a yearly event that the 8th graders from the Novato Charter School get to do. It is a great fundraiser, in addition to being a once-in-a-lifetime event for students and their families.  My quandary was, “What is the easiest and most fun way to get the kids to the city?” I had a ride home, so it was going to be a one-way trip.

Golden Gate Ferry has lots of options.  There is the Larkspur ferry that takes you right to AT&T park.  This option is super convenient, but if you need to take the ferry home you have to wait until the end of the game.  I was leaving from Sausalito, so the Larkspur ferry wasn’t going to help me.  Both the Sausalito Ferry and the Larkspur Ferry had boats that would take us to the ferry building, leaving a good walk to the ballpark.  This wouldn’t be a problem for the big kids, but I had Ben, who after his second day of kindergarten, would be tired.  I opted for the ferry with a stroller.

Kiss at the Giants game
Kiss at the Giants game

I discovered that AT&T park is very accommodating for strollers.   We were able to take the ferry, at the time that worked for us, stroll through San Francisco with all our extra food, clothing, blankets and hats stuffed in the bottom.  We went through security and had inconsistent checks.  One water bottle was opened to ensure it was water inside, and another was not.  The stroller was a godsend, it got us through the city with all our gear and up to the nosebleeds as we walked the endless circling ramps.  In addition, the umbrella stroller folds nicely under the seats and again helped with the walk back down at the end of the game with an exhausted child.

If you bring a bigger stroller, AT&T park has a concierge that will check the strollers for free.  To buy Stroller from Amazon click here At the same desk, first time Giants Fans can receive a free certificate memorializing their first game.  Ben spent most of his time going down the Coca Cola slide, and if we weren’t sitting with Asher’s class, I would recommend getting seats in the bleachers to be closer to the kid friendly activities.  The evening proved to be a success.  The weather was surprisingly mild, we proudly stood as Asher and classmates sang, and the Giants won!

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