Bike riding on Angel Island for Mother’s Day

It was Mother’s Day and I wanted to do something fun with all the boys.  I called my friend Sharon and asked her if she and her boys had any plans for Mother’s Day.  She said they were free.   It’s challenging to find an event that the big boys will enjoy that’s still also works for the little one.   I suggested we take the ferry to Angel Island, bike around the island and have a picnic.   She thought it sounded like a great idea.

I have learned over the years not to hope or expect the boys to plan something for me.  To avoid disappointment, I now plan my own Mother’s Day.  No more hints about what I might like, I just inform them what we are doing.  I had the boys get out the bikes, pump the tires, gather helmets and make sure all was in working order. Ben was still three so he was still in a bike seat. To buy Child Bike Seat from Amazon click hereWe loaded up the five bikes and drove down to Tiburon where we would catch the Angel Island Ferry.

The quick boat ride was uneventful.  We landed on the island, geared up and started to ride in a clockwise direction.  About half way around the island there was an old building.  I think it used to be a hospital.  We parked the bikes and explored.  It was very cool and fun. The boys climbed where they weren’t supposed to, but nothing was harmed and no one was injured.

Picnic on Angel Island
Picnic on Angel Island

We planned on having our picnic down by the cannon.  (The cannon is shot regularly with an informational talk by the park ranger.  Check the Angel Island Conservancy for the daily schedule.) There are some old buildings in what looks like a grassy field that they call the parade grounds.  The boys all descended down the path toward the water and the picnic area.  Suddenly Max decided to go off road and ride through the high grass, Johann, age eight quickly followed him.  It happened too quickly, Max hit a hidden sawed off tree truck and flipped over his handle bars, landing on his back.  The other boys screamed for Johann to stop, but he fell as well.

As we rushed to the scene we were expecting broken bones, head or neck injuries or worse.  By some miracle, neither boy was hurt.  The front wheel of Max’s bike was destroyed and the tire flat, but fortunately we didn’t have to visit the hospital that day.

What made this Mother’s Day special and memorable for me was the survival of another day without injury.  I was grateful to have all my children with me, intact and healthy.  Another lesson was learned, luckily without detrimental consequences.  Motherhood defined.


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