Busking at the Fairfax Farmers Market

There is a Farmers Market in Marin everyday but Monday.  These markets range from the small fruit stand in San Anselmo, to the Thursday evening event in San Rafael which includes live music, food, climbing walls and more.  Some of the markets are summer only, but most are year round allowing the locavore to purchase produce, dairy and handcrafts at all times.

I think the longest running Marin Farmers Market is the one at the Civic Center on Thursdays and Sundays.  I have been going here since I was a kid and brought my own children here regularly when they were small to sample the fruit, watch the clown and ride the ponies.  This market is the best.  Not only for the early dedicated shopper who focuses on getting the best produce from their favorite vendors, but also for the families who like to peruse, with no specific items in mind.  It is also a nice introduction to Marin for out of town guests.

The Saturday morning market at Marin Country Mart has really become popular.  They have a big tent that usually has a free kid craft available and some music or storytelling or a small petting farm.  This market has limited produce but is an easy way to spend Saturday morning, although parking is a challenge.

It was several years ago that I took my kids to the Fairfax Farmers Market.  My son Lucas wanted me to buy him a cookie.

“Lucas, buy your own cookie.  It is a treat and I am not here to buy treats.”

“How?  I don’t have any money.”

“There is a recorder in the car, here is my hat, play some music and earn your cookie.”Recorder

I didn’t really expect him to do it.  But he did.  He stood by a Redwood tree, placed the hat in front of him and started to play his repertoire of songs that he had learned at school.  I took the other boys around the market, did my shopping and talked to some friends.  I looked over at Lucas and saw that he was actively playing.

After about fifteen minutes he came over to me.  “Mom!  I made fourteen dollars, a basket of strawberries and two peaches!  Can we come back every week?!”

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