The town of Fairfax is just west of San Anselmo and has the reputation of a hippie, crystal, tie dye, vegan community; kind of a suburban Berkeley.  Downtown Fairfax has a large parking lot at its center, with stores, restaurants, and a movie theater surrounding it.  Home prices are less expensive here, due to its commute time to the freeway.

A new Waldorf inspired school called Wise Academy just opened in Fairfax, giving families more options for K-5 schooling.  Like the children living in San Anselmo, the local high school is Drake.

Being further west than most of the cities in Marin, Fairfax has lots of great hiking and fishing including Bon Tempe Lake, Lake Lagunitas and Alpine Lake.

Points of interest: Camp Tamarancho, Fairfax Farmers Market

Shopping:  Good Earth Natural Foods