Novato is the most northern city in Marin County.  It consists of many neighborhoods: San Marin, Indian Valley, downtown, Bel Marin Keys, Ignacio and more. Generally, the further north or west you go, the larger the lots. Novato still has a western feel with places to board and ride horses along with a brick red and white City Hall reminiscent of a barn.

There are two public high schools: Novato High School and San Marin High School. Marin School of the Arts is part of Novato High and children audition for admittance. Both schools are part of MCAL, so aside from pre and post season games, the athletic teams compete locally. (Justin Sienna in Napa has recently joined MCAL.)

The weather in Novato reaches 100+ degrees in the summer and some freezing temperatures in the winter.  These temperatures usually only occur for a few weeks each year as most of the time the weather is 50-80 degrees.

Novato is a fully functioning city with an annual Fourth of July Parade, Art and Wine Festival, Beer Festival, and Nostalgia Days.  There is a year-round weekly Farmers Market along with an active Park and Recreation Department offering classes for adults and children, along with summer camps and sport leagues.

Novato is conveniently located near Sonoma Raceway, formerly called Sears Point Raceway and Infineon Raceway, a year round motorsports complex.

Points of Interest:  Gnoss Field, Stafford Lake, Miwok Park, Indian Valley College (the northern campus of College of Marin), Hopmonk Tavern, Finnegan’s

Shopping:  Costco, Target, Old Navy, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s

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