The Amber Necklace

Amber Necklace

Walking around town with my new baby I was going to the local story times, coffee shops and parks when I noticed a lot of the new babies wearing amber necklaces.  Being a fourth time mother it seemed odd that the children were wearing necklaces, or any sort of jewelry, for I always thought of them as a choking hazard.  However, as the months went on and I saw more toddlers wearing these necklace I changed my mind and started to like them.

I asked a mom sitting next to me, “I like your baby’s necklace.  Is that amber?”

“Yes.”  she said.  “It has calming qualities and helps a child who is teething.”

Hmm. I believed in the powers of stones and crystals.  I could buy into healing properties.  I was all for a less irritating and annoying child. (Oh I mean a natural and beautiful way to make my child calmer and more comfortable.)  So I bought a necklace for my son.  It was really cool.  I instantly loved it.  I thought of it as new age pukka shells.  Ben’s necklace became a part of him, something he wears as a constant, never taking it off.  To buy Amber Necklace from Amazon click here

First day of kindergarten
First day of kindergarten

Fast forward to the first day of kindergarten.  Being a seasoned parent I was totally prepared for the first day, school supplies bought, lunches made, nice hot breakfast.  We got to school early and entered the kindergarten. Ben was told to put his things in his cubby and the kindergarten teacher welcomed him to the class.

She kneeled in front of him and asked, “Tell me about this necklace?”

Ben answered, “It never comes off.”

As she fingered his necklace she said, “We like to keep our precious things at home, because here in kindergarten things can get lost or broken.”  As she spoke she removed his necklace and handed it to me to take for safekeeping.

Tears streaming down my face, I tried to speak but all that came out was a hoarse, “Aah eer. He.” I finally managed to say, “He’s had this necklace on since he was a baby, and I… I..” No other words.

Very, very, slowly, very calmly she took back the necklace and started to put it back on Ben as she said, “Maybe… we can wait on this….  I will think about it …and decide what we can do.”  I started to breathe again.

I had no idea that I would react as I did.  I was so unprepared.  I didn’t know the necklace was a symbol of his babyhood.  I didn’t know that such a simple act would hit me like a sledgehammer.  I am so grateful that his teacher was able to give me that moment, give me the time I needed to accept my baby was growing up.


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  1. Love love love this story. Is it too late for an almost senior citizen to permanently wear and enjoy the qualities of an amber necklace?

  2. Trina, have to admit I got a little teary with this one. Those moments when you realize that a phase is ending, they are growing up and entering the next new chapter, I always go through a little mourning stage myself!

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