The Portable Bathtub

We were vacationing in Hawaii in a little cottage we found on VRBO.  Even though the cottage was basically glorified camping, the location was perfect.  We were walking distance to the beach and to the town of Hanalei.  The place had a stand up shower and there was a big laundry sink.  I tried bathing Ben in the sink, but there was no plug. (Stuffing a washcloth in the drain didn’t work)

Here I had a sandy, shaking child, in desperation I looked around the carport.  And then I spotted it, an Igloo cooler.  It was perfect.  I poured hot water in it, plopped in a couple of sand toys (now bath toys) and placed Ben in his new bathtub.  He loved it.  The water stayed warm.  He was contained and happy.

Don’t be afraid to use something “not for its intended use.”  We went house boating on Lake Shasta with a bunch of friends so I bought a cheap plastic pool for Ben, as he wouldn’t be swimming in the lake.  Not only did it serve as a pool for him (and others), but it ended up also being the foot washtub for entry onto the boat.  A small step, no pun intended, toward keeping the boat less filthy.

Nursing Stroller
Nursing Stroller

My other favorite “not for its intended use item” is the nursing stroller.  No, it doesn’t exist, but it should!  I loved my stroller.  It was a real work horse.  Not only could it carry a ton of bags, jackets, my purse and the balance bike, it served as a chair for me whenever I needed a place to sit and nurse.  I often found myself in situations with no available seat.  One day I looked at my empty stroller and sat down.  It was so easy.  I ended up bringing my stroller places I didn’t really need it because it carried all my stuff and provided me with a place to sit.  It also gave me a little privacy in the sense that I could park it away from the action.To buy the City Mini Stroller from Amazon, click here.

I really wanted to invent the nursing stroller, I thought it was a great idea.  Maybe someone reading this will be inspired.

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  1. Leave it to the to be inventive, safe, secure, and happy! And I know how you love making others happy. thank you for the ideas. I will definitely be in touch to share my needs and get your assistance.

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