The Portable Desk

I just made myself a portable desk!  I don’t have my own desk at home, so I find my pens, pencils, scotch tape etc. all over the house.  I love stationary and colored pencils but never seem to have everything I need in one place.  Over the years I have bought “practical” gifts for my boys: a stapler in the shape of a trout, a tape dispenser in the shape of a frog, scissors shaped like a rabbit. To buy Frog Tape Dispenser at Amazon  I felt like these gifts could pass for toys and something useful.  I don’t know if my boys ever saw it that way.

Anyway, I have these items in different parts of the house and can’t seem to ever find them when I need them.  It is very frustrating.  I need a desk.  If I had a desk, I could have all these necessary items in one place.  Then I am sure I would enjoy writing notes, paying bills (not that there is any enjoyment there), or having the pleasures I believe a proper desk would bring.  If everything was in its place and organized, I could relax with the knowledge that I was handling all paperwork and bookkeeping in a timely way.  I’m sure I am misguided in thinking I would be better at writing Thank You notes if I had my stationery and stamps all together and approachable.  But it would be nice to think I would.

So…my solution.  I made a portable desk.  I bought a beautiful tray, To buy tray at Amazon collected everything I wanted in my desk, and put it on the tray.  I lined the items up in an orderly way, (not sure if it is up to the standard of knolling) but it looks great!  Then I just put this tray on a bookshelf, knowing that whenever I need to use it, I can simply take my portable desk and place it on the dining table or kitchen counter.  The other beautiful advantage to the portable desk is that I can even use it outside or in any room of the house.   It takes up no room and can be placed anywhere.  Yet whenever I need an item from my desk, it is all there and ready to be retrieved.  So satisfying!

4 thoughts on “The Portable Desk”

  1. Does the desk have a clear lid? That way, you could actually write bills, thank you notes, etc. on top of it, then close it and put it all away.

  2. I’ve discovered that few things annoy me as much as not having a pen to write with when I need one. The portable desk gives me a place to keep them – off limits to others. Now if I will just remember to replenish them. Thanks

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