Tips for Tooth Brushing

I have a lot of tips for getting a resistant child to brush his teeth.  The first thing is the length of time they want to brush their teeth. Once you get your child to say yes, how can you keep the toothbrush brushing long enough to get every tooth?  I do a lot of talking while I’m brushing my child’s teeth.  Distraction is key.  I advise him that I’m getting every tooth: all three sides.

When I need a new approach, I start singing.  On Top of the World, Twinkle Twinkle, any song that pops in my head.  (I’ve been Working on the Railroad is really long.)  Games also work. We play one called, “Who has more teeth?”   I just asked him, “Who has more teeth, a killer whale or a porcupine?” And I keep going with different animals until I feel like all of the teeth have been properly brushed.

Another trick I’ve learned for brushing teeth is the itty bitty toothbrush.To buy Mini Toothbrushes from Amazon click here  I buy a pack of these itty bitty toothbrushes that have the toothpaste embedded in them.  They are novel and fun to use.  I use them myself for travel, but they really come in handy when we’ve had to rush out the door and haven’t had a chance to brush before going to school.

I also really like the portable electric toothbrush. To buy Portable Electric Toothbrush from Amazon click here  This toothbrush looks like a long lipstick case and takes one AAA battery.   If you like electric toothbrushes, it’s a great way to go and again another novelty.  I keep that in my diaper bag along with a non-disposable flosser. To buy Dental Floss holder from Amazon click here  The flosser is useful because you only need to replace the floss. It’s difficult to floss a child’s teeth without a flosser and I felt very wasteful buying packs of disposable flossers.

My youngest son drinks a fair amount of tea at home.  Last time we were at the dentist, the hygienist told Ben she was going to clean his teeth. She said, “Which flavor would you like; strawberry, orange, minty?”

He replied, “I would like mint tea.”

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  1. YOU ARE SO CLEVER! If I engage your services for relocation, does it come with a manual of your ideas and trivia for child rearing in the new abode?

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