The Trampoline: The most used item in my home for the last 20 years!

My first son was a colicky baby.  A very colicky baby, for a very long time.  One of the only things that calmed him, or I should say, delayed his screaming, was the trampoline.  If we held him very close and jumped on the trampoline he wouldn’t cry.  We discovered this trick when baby bounces didn’t work, only deep squats seemed to appease him.  But alas, how many hours could we maintain that level of exercise!

So we bought a small exercise size trampoline and would hold him and bounce.  Silence.  Beautiful.  A moment of quiet.  But the arms would give.  Baby in the Bjorn, parent on the trampoline and the bouncing would begin.  Sometimes he could tell we weren’t really holding him, I’m sure he thought it was cheating, so we had to hold him in the Bjorn and slowly remove our arms.

We bought another trampoline for the office.  And an exercise ball for the bedroom.  Everywhere we might go, bouncing would be required.  It helped.  We were going to survive.  He did outgrow his colic, when he started to talk, but his love to bounce continued.

We bought a large trampoline for the backyard and the boys played on it every day.  They invented games.  They slept on it.  On hot days they played underneath it in the shade.  With friends, without, it didn’t matter, never had I seen a “toy” get so much play time.  And they didn’t seem to age out of it.  The games just changed.  It was amazing.

Then I had the bonus baby and lived in a house with no yard.  Luckily he wasn’t colicky so I didn’t notice the lack of a trampoline until he was about three.  I realized he had a lot of energy and no place in this house to let it go.  Our living space was limited, but I got a small trampoline and set it up in our dining/living room.  Initially, Ben’s father was not impressed.  It took up a good portion of the room.

But Ben uses it.  Every day, all the time.  He can carry on whole conversations while bouncing.  Again, the trampoline has proven to surpass expectations and become the best investment for our family.

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