Traveling This Summer With Kids? Bring An Astronaut!

Do you like to be greeted kindly when you approach a ticket counter or a security check?  Do you enjoy having strangers smile at you as walk past, or engage you in friendly conversation as you wait in yet another line.  Dress your kid in costume!

Ben was wearing his astronaut costume because it was warm and snuggly, and super cool of course.  We were packing up, getting ready to drive to the airport and I considered changing him into something more appropriate, when I shrugged and figured nothing was more appropriate for a trip into space than bringing my own astronaut.

And it proved to be a benefit at every turn.  We meet a lot of grumpy people traveling, many overworked employees and tired travelers.  Impatience seems to be a regular theme, along with entitlement and rudeness.  But all that miraculously changed with our little orange astronaut.  Everyone was so friendly and happy to converse.  It was a beautiful phenomenon.  We seemed to bring joy to others while reaping the benefit of friendly, albeit temporary, neighbors

On the Gatwick Express, Ben listening to a book on his Playaway

Another resource that kept my son patient through all the travel and associated waiting time was the Playaway.  These books on tape are awesome.  They are complete books that require one AAA battery and a pair of earbuds.  We rented a bunch from the library and Ben could keep one in his pocket as we traversed train stations and airplane gates.

Although he couldn’t hear us when he was listening, he could see where he was going or gaze out the window through the hours of travel.  I preferred the Playaway to downloading books for him, because I didn’t want to give him my phone or other device that would need charging at the end of the day.  This was self-contained, so all I needed to bring was a couple extra batteries.  Definitely a coup!

5 thoughts on “Traveling This Summer With Kids? Bring An Astronaut!”

  1. Love this, and miss you guys! Please dress Ben up as a firefighter to come up to Victoria for a visit. ☺️

  2. This whole story made me smile!!! Just like everyone Ben met on his adventure. Looking forward to spending some time with all the boys!

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